The RECRU-TEC™ Test is a one of a kind applicant testing technology. It filters each applicants through 20 different soft-skills. The RECRU-TEC™ Test is a perfect Quality Control tool for giving your hiring missions the best outcome.

Based on more than 22,000 candidates’ evaluations in 25 different countries, this unique diagnostic is a job-matching test which provides vital information about your future/potential employee.

Some examples of information provided by the RECRU-TEC™ Test:

  • Will the tested person persist in action?
  • What is their level of drive and courage?
  • Will they be willing/able to work in a team?
  • Will they be loyal?
  • Are they mainly result-oriented or more action-oriented?
  • What is their primary motivation to work?
  • What is their level of honesty and straightforwardness?
  • Are they well organized and can they put things in order?
  • Will they take initiatives?
  • Can they handle work in a high pressure environment?
  • Will they be predictable in their acts?

Why This Test Is Vital For Your Business

And How It Will Save You From a Lot of Trouble

Get Results FAST!

Don't Wait to Find Out!

You must be able to quickly determine if a potential new employee will be truly productive. Once the applicant fills out the test, you receive the results automatically!

Avoid Costly Mistakes!

Safeguard Your Company

The RECRU-TEC™ Test helps you avoid costly mistakes and problems, by providing you information on the evaluated person which is essential to job-related performance.

Determine Their Productivity!

How Hard Will They Work?

It is a PRODUCTIVITY test, because it detects a candidate’s personality traits which might be deterrent to optimal performance on a specific job.

Determine Their Reactions!

How Will They Act In Your Company?

It is a REACTIVITY test, because it measures how the evaluated person will react to specific job-related circumstances, in a specific work environment.

Easily Predict Their Behavior!

Determine Their Psychological Profile

The RECRU-TEC™ Test helps you predict how the evaluated person will behave under specific job-related situations which require precise qualities and skills to be resolved.

Can They Handle Challenges?

And How Will They React To Them?

This unique tool will describe, with up to 90% of precision, the natural reaction of the testee to various challenges from the work environment.

20 Applicant Traits

Find out who you hire by using the Recru-Tec Test

Measures the level of predictability in behavior. Defines how predictable and consistent the evaluated person is in his/her actions. How can others rely on his/her intentions?
Measures the level of energy at work. Also evaluates initiative and drive. Is the evaluated person willing to work hard and to do his/her best to get results?
Reflects optimism or pessimism. Also shows the level of interest – or lack of interest in life. Does the evaluated believe in the future and can he/she demonstrate enthusiasm in doing things?
Measures the ability to persist in one direction. Also shows the level of orderliness and organization. Is the evaluated person persistent or he/she liable to give up too soon?
Measures the aptitude to stay calm, in control. Also evaluates the ability to exercise a calming influence on others, when all goes wrong.
Measures assertiveness and ambition. Shows how willing and able the evaluated person is to “fight” in order to get the expected results.
Evaluates communication skills. Also measures how open the evaluated person is with others. Is he/she freely talking to people or is/she rather withdrawn?
Measures empathy and relationship skills. Shows interest – or lack of interest in other people. Can the evaluated person go along with others?
Degree of certainty – or lack of, in personal abilities. Evaluates how much self-confidence the evaluated person can demonstrate. How confident is he/she of his/her potential and talents?
Measures the aptitude to see things exactly as they are. Can the evaluated person objectively analyze situations without being influenced by subjective, arbitrary opinions?
Measures degree of tolerance – or lack of. Can the evaluated person accept situations or others without criticizing them? Or is he/she critical and intolerant?
Measures the level of personal organization and orderliness. Shows how much the evaluated person is willing AND able to get well organized on the job.
Evaluates the level of interest for the job. Does the person show a real interest for the applied-for position?
Measures the level of exchange. Does the evaluated person present a good concept of exchange, regarding the salary/compensation aspect of the job. Is he/she primarily motivated by the “money” side of the job or does he/she also present other motivations?
Measures the level of past performance. Has the evaluated person reached measurable results on a previous job or in life?
Measures the level of qualifications for the job. Is the evaluated person technically qualified for the job?
Measures team spirit. Is the evaluated person team-oriented? Can he/she contribute to the development of a group?
Measures adherence to important principles about work relationship. Can the evaluated person agree with some basic principles of work relationship and be tolerant of others in the team?
Evaluates the level of resistance to pressure on the job. Can the evaluated person work under heavy pressure?
Measures the availability on the job. Is the evaluated person willing to work hard?

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Who Are We

We Work on Proven Results!

The Recru-Tec Test is your perfect Quality Control tool for giving your hiring missions the best outcome. Based on our experience with the evaluation of more than 25,000 candidates in 30 different countries, this unique diagnostic is a “job-matching” assessment which provides vital information about your future/potential employees. It is twice as precise as any existing psychometric test. We guarantee a 90% precision on every applicant.

Recru-Tec is owned by No-Fail Hiring, a recruitment process outsourcing company based in Clearwater, Florida. If you need any help finding and hiring qualified candidates, then consider using the No-Fail Hiring services. Our team of hiring consultants will act as your own human resource department by posting your job all across the web, hunting for resumes, screen each applicants, deliver phone interviews, do pre-screenings checks and then send you only top qualified applicants that fit exactly what you are looking for in a new employee.

The Recru-Tec Test was developed by Patrick V. Valtin, best-selling author of “No-Fail Hiring 2.0.” Patrick has evaluated thousands of candidates in the last 28 years. He holds an M.B.A. in International Business Studies (USC, 1984) and is a certified Hubbard(R) Management System Master Consultant (Hubbard College of Administration, 1992). He is the founder of New Era Management International, a Tampa area based management training company. He has traveled to more than 35 countries over the last 25 years and has trained more than 120,000 people in the areas of Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Personnel Selection, Organization and Leadership. His customers and seminar attendees have come from all industries, from growing businesses to multi-national corporations.

I have been using the Recru-Tec test for over 5 years to hire new employees. It has always provided me with great information which I can use in order to better manage the person. And I can tell you that I will never hire anyone without having them do the Recru-Tec test first. I highly recommend it to any manager.
Myny Dirk, Keurslagerdirk
The Recru-Tec test made it possible to really see the difference between ‘letting ourselves be impressed by the charm of some candidates’ and ‘creating a true team’ thanks to a real selection system .
G.C., Crombrugghe & Partners
The Recru-Tec test really works; it relies on facts rather than on chance!
E.W., Orcon NV
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